How the Platform Works for Professional Seekers?

1-Become a Member

You can search without being a member from the Anvisor homepage. You can easily access the summary information of the professionals by searching using the options in the Services and Specializations menus. You have to be a member to access the detailed information and messaging. The members are not displayed in the search results. You can easily become a member from the join menu.

2-Find Professional You Need

Anvisor has many different categories and professionals from all over the world. From the search section; You can search professionals according to their service areas, areas of expertise, sectors, and locations, and examine the profiles of the listed professionals. Professionals have scores calculated according to some categories such as the adequacy of their profile information, the number of views, their place among the most sought-after ones.

3-Get Offer

In their professional profiles in detail; You can access experience, education, past experiences, certificate and contact information.You can transfer your needs / projects, request a quote or make an appointment with the professionals that best match your needs (you can also consider your profile scores) via Anvisor or contact information. no fee is charged.

Do I Have To Pay For Membership?

No. There are Professionals and Members (Customers) in the consultant. No fee is requested from the members and there is no restriction in the system.

What Criteria Can I Search By?

You can search by any keyword, or you can filter by service fields, specialty areas, industry information, location information, name, surname, position and school information from the Detailed Search menu. Search results are listed in a very low to low order according to their profile score.

Can I Communicate Only Through Anvisor?

No. You can contact via the Anvisor messaging application or via the contact information (mail or phone) on their professional profile.

What Does the Service Area Mean?

Service categories are included in the service field. Service categories; Consists of Consultants, Mentors, Coaches, Instructors, Auditors and Freelancers. All are briefly called professionals.

What Does the Field of Expertise Mean?

Today, there are over 2000 specialist categories. With each passing day, this number is increasing rapidly. In parallel, it is getting harder to reach the right professionals in the field of expertise needed. Anvisor gives you the opportunity to filter in this category by allocating a special area for this. Azure, IoT, CISSP, GDPR, SAP FI, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 31000, ISO 22301, Management Systems, Cyber Security, Finance, Sales, Digital Marketing, Information Security, Robotic Process Automation ... are just some of them.

What does the Sector Area Express?

It refers to the business line in which professionals are especially experienced. For example; If you are in the automotive sector and you need professional consultancy within the scope of a project, it will be more meaningful for you to prefer experienced professionals especially in the automotive sector.

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