How the Platform Works for Professionals?

1-Become a Member

The first thing to do in order to operate on the Anvisor platform is to create an account using the contact information that professional callers can reach. After creating an account, you need to verify your email with the confirmation email sent to your email account.

2-Find Professional You Need

There are profile scores calculated according to some categories such as the proficiency of the profile information of the professionals, their number of views, their being among the most sought after. Those with high scores in the search results rank high. For this reason, the information that reflects you such as experience, education, certificate, and expertise forms your profile strength.

3-Get Offer

In their professional profiles in detail; You can access experience, education, past experiences, certificate and contact information.You can transfer your needs / projects, request a quote or make an appointment with the professionals that best match your needs (you can also consider your profile scores) via Anvisor or contact information. no fee is charged.

Do I have to pay to be accessible?

Professional seekers; They can reach the professionals they seek by using the search engine. Professionals must verify their email account and be a premium member to be displayed in the search results.

How can I create a strong profile?

When creating a membership, you can create a strong profile by entering your profile picture, specialties, training, experience, certificate details in detail or by entering this information from my profile and settings pages after logging on.

Can professional callers contact you only through Anvisor?

No. They can communicate via the Anvisor messaging application or via your contact information (mail or phone) on your professional profiles. Therefore, the accuracy of this information is important for you to be accessible.

What does the profile score mean?

All professionals have a profile score. It is ranked in the search results to the low one with high profile score. Professionals with high profile scores can reach more customers by ranking at the top of the search results.

What are the factors affecting profile score?

The profile score of professionals can affect many factors. The most important factors are; Having a profile picture, having a profile title that briefly describes you (you can enter your expertise, title information) briefly, a description of your profile, your expert knowledge, education information, certificate information, country / city and phone information. In addition, the number of views of your profile detail by other members / professionals will increase your profile score.

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